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At Valley, we are committed to helping people get the care they need. Our team shares a passion for helping people across Utah by providing the most effective behavioral and mental health programs available. We believe in personalized care that caters to each client’s needs, and we’re constantly adjusting our services and programs to ensure the best treatment. This is how we set ourselves apart – by providing real help for individuals and families dealing with mental and behavioral health challenges, no matter the age or circumstances.

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Here at Valley, we offer a variety of treatment programs tailored to your needs. Browse our treatment programs or use the search bar below, and let’s start dealing with this together.

Adult Outpatient Treatment

Many of the mental and behavioral health concerns Valley Behavioral treats don’t require hospitalization. Oftentimes, our clients are able to achieve their goals without disrupting their day to day schedules. With clinics located in Salt Lake City County, we offer clients throughout Utah with outpatient treatment options that allow them to continue living uninterrupted, productive lives in their communities.

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Assertive Community Treatment

ACT serves recipients who live with serious mental illness that impairs their functioning in their personal lives as well as the community. Priority is given to people with schizophrenia, other psychotic disorders (e.g., schizoaffective disorder), bipolar disorder, and/or major or chronic depression, because these illnesses more often cause long-term psychiatric disability. Priority is also given to individuals with continuous high service needs that are not being met in more traditional service settings. Individuals with a primary diagnosis of a personality disorder, substance abuse disorder, or intellectual/developmental disability are not appropriate for ACT.

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Core I & II

Co-occurring Reentry and Empowerment (CORE) program offers services to adult male or female criminal offenders suffering from co-occurring disorders including substance abuse and mental health. The 16-bed facilities have been designed to provide wrap-around services both onsite and in the community, integrating mental health and substance abuse treatment approaches with the ultimate goal of successful reentry and reduction in recidivism.

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FlexCare is a case management provider for the New Choices Waiver Medicaid Program. With locations in Salt Lake City and Clearfield, FlexCare utilizes nurse/social worker teams to help clients move out of nursing homes and live more independently in the community.

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Forensics Outpatient Services

Forensics helps clients on parole and probation who have been referred into treatment by the criminal justice system . Programs offered by the Forensic Unit include mental health outpatient services, treatment for domestic violence offenders, substance use disorder treatment, and intensive outpatient services. All Forensic Unit programs are offered in both English and Spanish.

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The JDOT program offers 24-hour, comprehensive, individualized services. This program pairs individuals who are considered seriously and persistently mentally ill (SPMI) to the resources and support they need while helping them live independently. Our jail diversion program focuses on clients with co-occurring disorders including mental illness, substance use, and criminal justice involvement to help with housing stability and quality of life.

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Masters offers wellness-based individual, group & family therapy, education, peer support, and medication services to adults age 55+.

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Pheasant Hollow

Pheasant Hollow provides alternative housing for Medicaid clients with physical disabilities and brain injuries who desire to live independently.

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School-Based Behavioral Health

Valley Behavioral Health’s School-Based Behavioral Health Services provides children with an experienced on-site therapist. Valley works closely with children, family, and school staff to increase success in class, with peers, family, and in the community.

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South Valley Outpatient Services

South Valley provides a full array of mental health, substance use, and behavioral treatment services to adults. The philosophy is that there is relief in rediscovery, opportunity, and responsibility in recovery.  Through support, education, practice, and desire to change.

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Specialized Rehabilitation Services

Specialized Rehabilitation Services provide medication management and group and individual therapy to individuals residing in nursing homes or extended-care facilities. The goal of this program is to improve and promote the overall health of the mentally ill, while working side-by-side with primary care providers and extended care facility personnel.

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Valley Steps program

ValleySteps is a short-term residential treatment program that was designed to help clients with medication management, case management, benefits coordination, and therapy. This transitional program was created to help introduce potential clients to the structure of Valley housing programs

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Valley Telehealth

Valley is a responsive community partner empowering individuals and families to lead more fulfilling lives by providing appropriate, innovative, outcome-based programs, tools, services, and resources across the continuum of health and social needs. Telehealth and other state-of-the-art technology is central to our mission – giving patients access to the care they need no matter where they are, providing additional support, building teamwork among caregivers, and improving outcomes.

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ValleyEPIC (Evidence-based Programs and Interventions Campus) of Utah is a premier treatment facility designed for men and women in our community who may be struggling with substance use disorders, mental illness, and homelessness. The program offers a full continuum of treatment, from residential and day programs to intensive, traditional outpatient services.

ValleyEPIC involves our newly renovated residential facilities. The campus was designed to integrate substance use treatment approaches with a special focus on trauma-informed care. Our goal is to help people break the chains of addiction, which includes a successful re-entry into the community and a reduction in criminal recidivism.

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ValleyPhoenix is a residential and outpatient treatment center for women working to overcome substance use disorders and support their children. The program offers a range of psychosocial rehabilitative services to assist them to become independent, allowing them to reintegrate into society as successful, sober individuals. ValleyPhoenix works closely with outside agencies, such as the Department of Child and Family Services, Adult Probation and Parole, and specialty courts to assist mothers in reunifying with children that have been removed from their custody. ValleyPhoenix strongly advocates for mothers who are working an honest program to reunify in a timely manner, allowing them the opportunity to have their children enter the program with them to learn how to parent sober with the support of a treatment team and other mothers learning the same skills.

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ValleyLab provides Clear drug-testing results, deciphered with detail and accuracy. We only perform a confirmation test on the initial screenings that come back positive, with more efficient secondary testing, not only do costs go down, but we also see a faster turnaround times.

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We are dedicated to providing convenient service when it comes to getting your medication. Healthcare can be difficult sometimes, but managing your medication shouldn’t have to be.

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Vital Aging Senior Services

The Vital Aging & Adult Services program is a nationally award-winning recognized best practices program that improves the lives of older adults and those who care for them. Valley provides both in-person and virtual wellness classes at senior centers and senior housing complexes across the Wasatch Front for adults aged 60 and above.

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