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As the largest and most diverse behavioral health service provider in Utah, an array of specialized clinical treatments and support services are available. Valley provides residential facilities and outpatient treatment programs tailored to individuals of all ages and life situations. Services are geared toward a broad range of conditions from chronic lifelong issues to temporary conditions triggered by life events or an addiction. In many cases our services go beyond therapy. We help clients deal with their full spectrum of life issues from housing to employment to social interaction.


Since 1987, Valley Behavioral Health has provided comprehensive services for people of all ages who are experiencing mental illness, substance use disorders and behavior problems.


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“I am 31 years old, I have a 6-month-old son who is in the program with me. He’s been here his whole life. I’ve been sober for seven months recovering from heroin and meth. This is my 11th time in treatment and I graduated in February. My life before coming to Valley Phoenix was chaotic. I was pregnant and using, I was sleeping couch to couch, I was very homeless very hopeless. It was awful. I had lost my other children eight years ago to drug addiction when my middle son was four days old and I hadn’t seen them for eight years so knowing the pain that I put them through as well as the pain that I went through, and how badly I’d lost myself after that I knew that I couldn’t do it again. My family was all rooting for me and I knew that I had the support I just had to make the decision to get help.”


“At CORE, nobody cared that I was in prison for all that time. Nobody cared about anything like that. All they wanted was what’s best for me to help me. They didn’t use my past against me. They didn’t care about the past! In the past when I’ve gotten out people didn’t want anything to do with me, and I’ve made some good friends here.”


“I used to be one of those people that didn’t believe in therapy. I would say my attitude towards empathy and compassion has changed, you need those two things in this field. It’s a disease to be addicted to drugs, and it really does change people and brings you down to the level that you just never thought you’d be at. When you get to that level you feel like you don’t deserve anything or anyone, and it’s building the person back up with motivation and self-love and you know, when you get to that point you can love yourself again… It’s an amazing feeling. You want to help others and you want to do more and I’m thankful for the staff here that brought me that.”

Joyce Owens

“I can’t say enough about how much Valley Behavioral Health has helped me. I was really a mess when I came here. I was homeless and living at the Jordan River. My husband was beaten to death right in front of me and I lost my son and my memory. Valley gave me a safe place to live and helped me in dealing with everything. I would not be here today if not for them. I have my own apartment and I also help out at the front desk during the week. I sure have come a long way since I came here and I can never repay Valley for all their help and support.”

Ken Foster

“Valley Behavioral Health gave me the tools to be able to live in a safe and positive environment. I am happy to have a roof over my head living at Valley’s Safe Haven.”

Brian Laws

“I can’t tell you how much Valley Behavioral Health’s Safe Haven has meant to me over the years. They have given me a place that provided affordable housing and provided me with medications to help me with my bipolar condition. The staff has been nothing but helpful. I would recommend this place to anyone who is having a hard time with mental illness.”

Ponde Leafty

“Valley Behavioral Health is a glorious place. It has brought me a new life. I like coming to Valley’s Storefront because it makes me feel better about myself.”

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