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Careers in Mental Health: Why Work at Valley

At Valley, we grow careers not jobs. As one of the largest and most diverse behavioral health service providers in Utah, Valley offers an array of specialized operational and clinical career positions. We invest heavily in educating our employees and offer benefits like tuition reimbursement so people can further their education. We create career plans so people can see themselves in different aspects and roles at Valley. Grow your career at Valley and join us on our mission to help make a difference in others’ lives.


Top Reason To Grow Your Career at Valley

  1. We value the work we do– At Valley, we value the work we do. Our work affects our immediate communities and neighbors. We make a real difference in the lives of our clients and that wouldn’t be possible without a true work ethic, skill set, or passion.
  2. We truly value our Employees – Being recognized when you are working hard and doing a meaningful job is important. We recognize that by offering Pay For Performance and a generous benefits package. We also offer weekly opportunities for you to voice your insights and concerns to the company. We value your thoughts and will use them to improve our work.
  3. We are motivated – We are looking for the best of the best. Valley is looking for self-driven individuals to pursue their career goals and we help you get there. We want you to be the best employee and will develop a plan to achieve your goals.
  4. We listen – Valley focuses on communication and believes it is the key to improvement. At Valley, we offer many opportunities to bring your ideas forward and to even communicate with the CEO within a moment’s notice.
  5. We deal with it together – We believe in working as a team. Finding a solution to a problem can take a village, we will be there to help support you along the way. We are constantly collaborating on client care and working to improve the services we provide.
  6. Evidence-based practice – At Valley, we use data to drive our programs and services. Cutting-edge technology is a daily practice for our employees.

Valley’s Mission

Valley is a responsive community partner empowering individuals and families to lead more fulfilling lives by providing appropriate, innovative, outcome-based programs, tools, services, and resources across the continuum of health and social needs

Valley’s Vision & Core Values

We are inspired by helping those we serve live more fulfilling lives, one person at a time.

Empathy & Compassion
Team Focus

The Valley Lifestyle

Valley is not your “average” health care employer. Despite being the largest behavioral health provider in Utah, we have a small company feel. We do this by connecting our employees using top-of-the-line technology and communication apps.

One of our Valley Values we focus on is “fun” and we truly try to exemplify that in everything we do. When you begin working at Valley you will be welcomed with open arms with a gift package, through New Employee Orientation to prep you for your career, and by employees who are willing to help you learn your new role. As a matter of fact, our tagline is “Let’s deal with it together.”

Benefits of Joining the Valley Team

We will match up to 5% of your annual salary, totaling up to 10% of your income in a retirement fund every year!

We offer an HSA account to each employee who is enrolled in medical benefits. We also match contributions too.

We automatically enroll employees in life insurance matching their salary. You can always purchase additional coverage if you so choose.

You work hard to build a life for yourself, and it’s only natural that you want to protect that. We offer short term and long-term disability insurance to protect your financial well-being.

We offer EAP services to help navigate through life issues as they arise. Mental health services and people’s wellbeing is a main goal for Valley and that includes our employees! We want every employee to feel comfortable accessing these resources without stigma.

Meet your health and fitness goals with the help of the ValleyFit Clinic! Our facility offers primary health care services including preventative care, telehealth, dermatology exams, same-day care, health, and wellness coaching, lab services, and more!

Three weeks of paid vacation to start! Every year you are with the company you get an additional day of PTO. These 15 days are on top of the paid holidays as well, and all employees also get 2 wellness days each year!

We offer our full-time employees health, dental, and vision insurance.

Always wanted to go back to school to further your education and develop your career? Let us get you there through our tuition reimbursement program!

Our clinical and medical teams continuously work to improve our clinical practices and provide the latest information on behavioral health to our teams. Learning does not stop at Valley!

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