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Given that Valley is a nonprofit organization, our ability to serve the community is directly tied to the community support we receive. Our board members play a hands-on role in our local communities. If you are interested in joining our board of directors, please contact us for more information. To get in contact with Valley’s Board, please email [email protected]

  • Jared Sanford

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    Dr. Todd Thatcher

    Vice President of Medical Services

    Spencer Seaquist

    Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    Julie Rael

    Vice President of Quality Assurance & Corporate Compliance

    Julie Winn

    Vice President of Children, Family, and IDD Services

    Preston Cochrane

    Vice President of Housing and Support Services

    Steve Havertz

    Vice President of Adult Services
  • John Hanshaw

    Board Chair

    Stacy Weight

    Stan Beagley

    Russ Elbel

    Cheryl Smith

    Kenneth Woolley

    Lynette Hansen

    Cameron McBride

    Mitch Tibbitts

    Rep, Jim Dunnigan

  • Cheryl Adams


    Susan Howard

    Vice President

    Brian Allen

    Tina Rainey

    Marilyn Green

  • Brian Neilson

    Clif Uckerman

    Peter Clegg

    Lisa Jensen

    Rachel DiLorenzo

    Sean Morris

    Karissa MacDonald

  • Carmen Pingree

    Keith Radley

    Rob ONeill

    Julia Hood

    Tanya Semerad

    Jessica Kerr,

    Cheryl Smith

    Bill Jensen

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