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ValleyPhoenix Residential Treatment
ValleyPhoenix is a residential treatment center for women working to overcome substance use disorders and support their children. The program offers a range of psychosocial rehabilitative services to assist them to become independent, allowing them to reintegrate into society as successful, sober individuals. ValleyPhoenix works closely with outside agencies, such as the Department of Child and Family Services, Adult Probation and Parole, and specialty courts to assist mothers in reunifying with children that have been removed from their custody. ValleyPhoenix strongly advocates for mothers who are working an honest program to reunify in a timely manner, allowing them the opportunity to have their children enter the program with them to learn how to parent sober with the support of a treatment team and other mothers learning the same skills. 84047
Email [email protected] for Residential Treatment.
ValleyPhoenix Residential Treatment is located in Midvale, UT

Valley Phoenix Outpatient Treatment
Valley Phoenix also offers outpatient treatment that provides psychosocial rehabilitative services to work with individuals who are already living in the community that needs additional support with mental health and/or relapse prevention and parenting.
Email [email protected] for Outpatient Treatment
ValleyPhoenix Outpatient Treatment is located in West Valley City, UT


How to get started

A majority of our referrals come from the Department of Child and Family Services, however, we are accepting any mother (pregnant or with children – with or without custody) seeking reunification services, mental health and/or substance abuse treatment with an emphasis on parenting, sobriety, and skills development.

Please submit an email containing the following information to
[email protected] – Residential Treatment
[email protected] – Outpatient Treatment

Phone #:
Legal involvement:
Children names & DOB:
Brief narrative outlining interest in program and reasoning behind seeking treatment.

Recovery Management Program

Maintain Recovery with the ValleyPhoenix Recovery Management Program

Upon graduation from the ValleyPhoenix residential program, clients will engage in outpatient treatment to assist in transition and reintegration into the community while continuing to develop coping skills, relapse prevention, and parenting. The Valley Phoenix Recovery Management Program is located in West Valley City, UT.

What Recovery Management Offers

– Group Therapy
– Individual Therapy
– Relapse Prevention groups
– Personalized Case Management
– Continued Support
– Fun Group Activities

ValleyPhoenix Testimonial

“ValleyPhoenix has been one of the most important parts of my life. I have learned skills that are going to help me stay sober and clean and I have also learned very valuable parenting skills and life skills as well. I am very grateful to all the staff at ValleyPhoenix. They have helped me become a more confident woman, a better mother, and they have helped me learn skills so I could be better equipped for life outside of treatment.

I am thankful for ValleyPhoenix. All in all, I feel like I have made so much personal growth and progress, and I am very proud of the woman I am now. I feel like I will be able to face everyday life better equipped with all the tools and skills I have learned.”  

– Tara, Valley Phoenix Client

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