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Valley Steps program

The goal of Valley Steps is to help individuals who experience significant barriers to obtaining and maintaining housing due to high acuity mental health needs, financial barriers, and access to resources. The goal of Valley Steps is to help individuals gain access to onsite mental health services to stabilize and integrate into Supportive Housing or the community. Participation in the program will provide mental health treatment, promote continued recovery from substances, improve emotional functioning, and promote personal responsibility.

Currently, Valley steps is only providing services for male clients. Female referrals cannot be accepted at this time.


Clients will receive help stabilizing with medications, obtaining social security and Medicaid benefits, as well as a treatment plan for further assistance and housing. Regularly scheduled groups happening throughout the day, structured evidence based programing to help clients move forward in their treatment. Therapy services, medication education, and case management support as needed. Stabilization through med management, growth focused programing, individual therapy and the opportunity to obtain long term housing in the community or other Valley programs.

While clients do not have to have income and insurance prior to entering the program, ideally they are eligible for these benefits in order to transition into other housing programs or into the community.

Valley Steps Program Criteria

All criteria MUST be met to move forward – do not proceed if any criteria isn’t met 

  • Primary Serious Mental Illness Diagnosis
  • 21 years of age or older
  • Be Traditional Disability Medicaid Eligible
  • Plan for Substance use services/ relapse prevention plan, if applicable. Individual’s need does not exceed 1.0 ASAM level of care for substance use treatment.
  • Willing to participate in Residential Treatment program
  • Meets Medical Criteria and independent daily living functionality
  • Must be a Salt Lake County Resident
  • No sex offense charges

If any of the above criteria are not met, please contact our Care Navigation Team to pursue other treatment options.

Medical concerns may be a barrier to entering residential treatment if:

  • The type or amount of medical monitoring and assistance and treatment that staff is expected to deliver exceeds that of a high school graduate with a CPR card and no medical licensing or training; and/or
  • The time away from the program required for the patient to manage their health care problems substantially interferes with the quality and quantity of care they are supposed to be getting at the residential program.
  • All severe medical conditions are staffed with the treatment team, and may be staffed with the medical team including the Director of Nursing and Chief Medical Officer for clarification and direction on appropriate placement

*Some units will require clients to pass a background check or may be able to deny placement due to a history of violent crimes

Valley Steps Program Qualifications

1. Meet the qualifications that are required for Valley Steps- If you do not meet our criteria, please contact our Care Navigation team to explore other treatment options.

2. Fill out the application below

3. For more information or questions please email Valley’s Steps Referral team at [email protected].


Valley Steps Application

Please fill out all fields below.

Do you have income?
Marital Status
Do You Have Custody of Children/Dependents?

Mental Health

Have you ever been diagnosed with any Mental Health conditions?
Are your currently taking any Medications?
Have you ever been to the hospital for mental health reasons?
Have you had any thoughts of hurting or killing yourself or anyone else recently?

Medical Needs

Do you have any diagnosed:
Heart Problems
Liver Problems
Seizure Diagnosis
Kidney Problems
Lung Problems
Fall Risks
Upcoming major surgeries
Diabetes Diagnosis
If YES, can you independently check your blood sugar levels?
If YES, can you administer your own insulin?
If YES, can you follow the diet plan prescribed by your doctor?
Are you using oxygen tanks?
Do you have any open wounds?
Have you ever had an eating disorder diagnosis?
Do you have any sever allergies that require the use of an EpiPen?
Can you complete daily living activities? (cooking, cleaning, grooming, showering, dress)
Do you have a primary care physician?

Substance Use

Have you ever had a substance use diagnosis?
Have you ever had any problems with substance or alcohol use?

Criminogenic Risk

Any felony convictions, warrants, or pending charges?
If YES, do you have court ordered Domestic Violence Treatment, or DUI treatment?
Sex Offender

Submission to website does not secure place on waitlist, an access coordinator will reach out shortly to follow up with questions complete screening with referral to determine eligibility

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