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Mental Health Resources for Patients

Seeking Help? Then you’ve landed in the right place. Addressing mental and behavioral health issues can feel overwhelming and isolating. Valley is here to be with you every step of the way. We want to make it easy to find treatment and get started right away. We’ve broken it down, starting with finding a treatment, then a location near you. If you need more assistance in getting started, give us a call today!

Find Your Treatment

Find Your Treatment: Information about how to search easily with the directory using keywords.

Find a Location

Find a Location: Information about their locations and how to find one near them.

Contact Us Today

Contact Us Today: Information about talking to a Valley professional and getting started today.

Anger Management Treatment

Not managing anger can disrupt not only your environment but those around you as well. Valley provides anger management therapy and programs that will teach you to utilize anger management techniques and assist with calming down and dealing with situations in a positive way.

Substance Abuse Programs

Valley Behavioral Health has been a leading provider of drug rehabilitation, addiction treatment, and substance abuse treatment programs in Salt Lake City, Utah for over 25 years. Struggling with an addiction is often all-consuming, and may seem inescapable. To achieve lasting rehabilitation for our patients, we continuously design personalized rehabilitation and treatment services based on previously successful models.

Case Management Programs

Case management is a collaborative process that is designed to assess, plan and facilitate the needs of an individual or family’s comprehensive health needs.

Our case management services are highly personalized because each patient’s needs are unique. We are driven to ensure that our clients are aligned with the most appropriate and efficient treatment programs. To get started, or for additional information, please contact us today. To learn more call us today!

Barriers to Seeking Help

There are many reasons people don’t seek help for behavioral issues when they need it. But most of them have something to do with the stigmas people often associate with mental illness. Shame and embarrassment are common, as is the attitude that “if I don’t admit to having a problem, it might just go away.”

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