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Substance Abuse Treatment

Valley Behavioral Health has been a leading provider of drug rehabilitation, addiction treatment, and substance use treatment programs in Salt Lake City, Utah for over 25 years. Struggling with an addiction is often all-consuming, and may seem inescapable. To achieve lasting rehabilitation for our patients, we continuously design personalized rehabilitation and treatment services based on previously successful models.

Recovery is achievable, without interrupting other aspects of life. Our mission at Valley Behavioral Health is to provide personalized treatment programs tailored to each patient’s unique circumstances and foster a lifetime of recovery. To learn more, browse our various collections of substance abuse clinics shown below.

What Is Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse is the excessive use of drugs and alcohol without medical approval. This includes abusing a variety of substances including illicit drugs, alcohol, and prescription drugs. Generally, there is some confusion regarding the subtle differences between substance use disorders and substance abuse. Each is unique and requires a personalized addiction treatment program.

Substance Use Disorders: Substance use can range from non-patterned, infrequent consumption, to regular consumption of drugs, alcohol, or prescription medication. Substance use disorders become apparent as the consumption of the substance has any recognizable impact on the patient’s lifestyle, or has noteworthy health impacts.

Substance Abuse: Substance abuse entails some level of dependency. A patient struggling with substance abuse will likely depend on consuming the substance, consciously or not. While substance use does not necessarily denote addiction, substance abuse does.

Personalized, Lasting Addiction Treatment And Relapse Prevention: From alcohol and drug outpatient programs to family-inclusive options, we strive to offer clinics suited to any patient’s unique needs. Our treatment programs are constantly evolving, driven by evidence-based models of success. As a result, the percentage of patients still sober years after a Valley substance abuse treatment program is well above the national average. To get started, please review the list of substance abuse clinics below. For information regarding pricing, insurance acceptance, or other concerns, please call us today.

Substance Abuse Programs and Locations in Utah

Valley CORE I & II (Co-Occurring Re-Entry & Empowerment) Residential Programs

The CORE residential programs help adult dual diagnosis offenders, both men, and women. Our two, 16-bed facilities are transition focused programs that help individuals re-enter and reintegrate into the community.

Co-Occurring Re-Entry & Empowerment (CORE I) – Men
The CORE I residential program helps adult male criminal offenders with a dual diagnosis. Our 16-bed transition-focused facility helps individuals re-enter and reintegrate into the community.

Co-Occurring Re-Entry & Empowerment (CORE II) – WOMEN
The CORE II residential program helps adult female criminal offenders with a dual diagnosis. Our 16-bed transition-focused facility helps individuals re-enter and reintegrate into the community.

ValleyWest Clinic

Valley Behavioral Health’s ValleyWest Clinic provides a range of mental health and substance use treatment services for residents of Salt Lake County. This clinic combines adult and youth outpatient services for both mental health and substance use disorders.

Our clinicians assist in reunification with children and provide parenting classes, evidence-based trauma treatment, and domestic violence and relationship services. Additionally, the clinic provides assistance by way of therapy, medication management, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) as needed.

Forensic Services

The Forensics program helps clients on parole and/or probation who have been referred to treatment by the criminal justice system. Programs offered by the Forensic Unit include mental health outpatient services, treatment for domestic violence offenders, substance use disorder treatment, and intensive outpatient services. All Forensic Unit programs are offered in both English and Spanish.

Jail Diversion Outreach Team - JDOT

JDOT offers 24-hour, comprehensive, personalized services to link individuals to resources and support while helping them live independently. Our JDOT services focus on clients with co-occurring disorders including mental illness, substance use, and criminal justice involvement. The focus on the JDOT program is to promote housing stability, quality of life, and substance use treatment.

Assertive Community Treatment - ACT

Valley ACT is an evidence-based treatment program that aims to improve outcomes for individuals living with SMI, co-occurring substance use disorders, and who are at elevated risk of psychiatric crisis, involvement with the criminal justice system, and experiencing chronic homelessness. Valley ACT utilizes a multidisciplinary approach with a client-centered focus that provides assertive 24-hour outreach into the community as an alternative to incarceration or hospitalization.


ValleyEPIC (Evidence-based Programs and Interventions Campus) of Utah is a premier treatment facility designed for men and women in our community who may be struggling with substance use disorders, mental illness, and homelessness. The program offers a full continuum of treatment, from residential and day programs to intensive, traditional outpatient services.

ValleyEPIC involves our newly renovated residential facilities. The campus was designed to integrate substance use treatment approaches with a special focus on trauma-informed care. Our goal is to help people break the chains of addiction, which includes a successful re-entry into the community and a reduction in criminal recidivism.


Substance use problems impact entire families. Focused on prenatal support for expectant mothers and women with children, ValleyPhoenix is a residential treatment facility that helps families stay together.

We provide substance abuse treatment in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas.

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