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What Is Valley Television?

Valley Television (VTV) was launched in the Fall of 2020 following the success of VINI. VTV is the programming umbrella that covers the ongoing VINI series of programs, as well as new multimedia projects that increase awareness of the Valley Behavioral Health brand both internally and externally. Program segments include Therapeutic Thursdays, in which Attending Clinicians from around Valley share their thoughts on clinical resources and ideas. VTV also hosts news and information Quick Casts, as well as a motivational “high five” series called “The Friday Shout-Out”, in which Valley staff who go above and beyond are recognized across the company.

VTV will be branching out in the near future with the production of in-house training series with Valley’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Thatcher, as well as recorded tours of Valley’s programs for both New Employee Orientation as well as to increase overall awareness of the services that Valley provides.

Valley Information Network Initiative VINI Podcast

VINI Podcast was envisioned in early Spring of 2020 as a way to address the needs of unique communication challenges that were presenting themselves as Valley Behavioral Health began to expand operations outside of the state of Utah. Taking inspiration from the immediate messaging potential of workplace social media communications platforms like Slack, Valley CEO Gary Larcenaire and Valley COO Rebecca Brown sought to launch a podcast based communications initiative that would allow Valley’s Executive Leadership Team a way to share vital information, strategies, and leadership interviews with the company’s ever-increasing workforce, which was at that time beginning to operate in 3 states.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, VINI’s operating mandate was increased, with a larger emphasis on multiple, short-length episodes being released each week. These episodes focused on Valley staff, thought leaders, operations updates, and diversity topics. This programming emphasis also allowed Executive Leadership the opportunity to establish the truth of current events as they impacted Valley and get ahead of the rumor mill.

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