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Autism Behavior Treatment Center in Utah

Autism spectrum disorders are neurodevelopmental conditions that affect a child’s or adult’s ability to communicate and interact. Children or adults with autism often have very limited interests and activities. All of these conditions can result in social, occupational, and educational challenges that our Autism Behavior Treatment Centers in Utah can assist with.

Social Challenges

Making and keeping meaningful relationships can be hard for anybody. But, for those residing with autism, social situations are regularly extraordinarily overwhelming and can lead to isolation. The challenges and obstacles people with autism face are specific and commonly require specialized assistance.

Occupational Challenges

Finding employment can be tough for each person, but looking for a job as a person with autism can be particularly hard. 80-85% of individuals with autism are unemployed or underemployed. If you or someone you know is in need of employment with autism, our Autism Behavior Treatment Centers in Utah have resources for your loved one to find employment.

Educational Challenges

When it comes to autism and education, Carmen B. Pingree Autism Center of Learning supports the development of individuals from preschool to individuals in grade 7 through the age of 21. The certified ABA (applied behavior analysis) specialists will ensure that every individual’s curriculum will assist in helping the student grow and develop throughout their life.


The Pingree Center is the first Autism Behavior Treatment Center in Utah to offer two at-home programs for children of all ages with autism. Each program is created after first becoming acquainted and familiarized with the child. A customized curriculum is then prepared around their specific needs depending on their individualized assessment.

Community Based Brochure

The Pingree Center is located at 780 South Guardsman Way Salt Lake City, UT 84108(888) 949-4864

Adult Autism Logo

The Adult Autism Center will be the first Autism Behavior Treatment Center in Utah of its kind. It will be an extension of the evidence-based treatment we provide at the existing Pingree Center but focused on daily living and vocational skills. The program utilizes applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy for providing treatment in Utah.

The Adult Autism Center is located at 6232 S 900 E, Murray, UT 84121(801) 784-5972

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