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Alternatives To Incarceration

We are proud to be Utah’s leading provider of innovative programs designed to serve as a more effective alternative to incarceration. With a strong network of partnerships including local courts, legal defenders, and the Salt Lake County Jail, we are able to help clients who are incarcerated by developing personalized treatment programs that support rehabilitation without jailing.

Valley’s Alternatives To Incarceration service line incorporates a variety of treatment modalities and levels of care to support both client and state rehabilitative goals. Programs range from jail in reach, outpatient, and intensive care to outreach and community response to residential treatment. With a person-centered planning approach, our community supports each client in developing and achieving their future goals. We work closely with law enforcement, the courts, and correctional departments to ensure that disciplinary requirements are met but in a more rehabilitative and supportive environment. Read on to learn more about Valley’s Alternatives To Incarceration, or speak with a Valley care professional today!

The Mental Health And Incarceration Challenge

The number of people living with mental health challenges in America’s jails is alarmingly high. In 44 out of 50 states, prisons and jails hold more individuals with serious mental illness than the largest state hospital. While in jail, these individuals are not receiving effective treatment for the conditions that may have caused their incarceration in the first place. As a result, roughly 43% of previously incarcerated Utahns will be arrested again. Our mission is to help these individuals receive the appropriate care, better manage their mental health challenges, and lead a law-abiding life.

  • In local jails, 64% of people experience symptoms of a mental health condition, which represents over 1 million people.
  • In 2018, incarcerated individuals living with a mental illness that received proper services experienced a 50% reduction of risk for rearrest.
  • Approximately 17% of jail inmates experience a serious mental illness.

Alternatives to Incarceration Programs

ATI Transport

ATI Transport connects those sentenced to the Salt Lake County jail to a treatment provider and Valley pharmacy immediately upon their release. Individuals diagnosed with a Serious Mental Illness (SMI) will be ordered by the court to be released to Valley at the time they have completed their commitment.

CORE (Co-occurring Reentry & Empowerment)

The CORE residential program that helps mentally unwell criminal offenders, both men and women, with more than one disorder, like mental illness and substance abuse. Our 16-bed facility is a transition-focused program to help individuals re-enter the community and avoid prison.

CORE 1 – For Men

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CORE 2 – For Women

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CRT (Community Response Team)

Working with many community agencies, our Community Response Team identifies, assesses, and provides support to clients who have a Serious Mental Illness (SMI) and are minor and repeat offenders. CRT works specifically at the Salt Lake County Detention Center and Oxbow Jail, providing resources, advocacy, and support in discharge planning.

Jail Diversion Outreach Team (JDOT)

JDOT offers 24-hour comprehensive, individualized, and flexible services to link individuals to resources and support while helping them live independently. We focus on clients with co-occurring disorders like mental illness, substance use, and criminal justice involvement to help with housing stability, quality of life and decreasing substance use.


Forensics helps clients on parole and probation who have been referred to treatment by the criminal justice system. Programs offered by the Forensic Unit include mental health outpatient services, domestic violence, substance use, and intensive outpatient services. All Forensic Unit programs are offered in both English and Spanish.


Contracted with the U.S. Federal Probation and Pretrial Office, our Federal Unit provides outpatient and intensive outpatient substance abuse, mental health, and domestic abuse therapy services to individuals referred by The Federal Court.

Mental Health Court

The Salt Lake County Mental Health Court was created to address the underlying problems that lead those with mental illness and substance use problems into the criminal justice system.

Weekend Warrior Program (WWP)

With an intensive weekend relapse prevention approach, WWP is an eight-week program that includes nine hours of psycho-educational classes and two drug/alcohol tests.

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