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Behavioral Health in Idaho

For over 30 years, Valley Behavioral Health has successfully helped thousands of people and their families by providing individualized therapy, mental health resources, and personalized treatment methods to each client’s needs. We are proud to provide services and support to the communities of Idaho.

Our main goal is to be accessible to everyone in our community the best we can. Having the option of telehealth services is our approach to keeping our clients safe and comfortable during unexpected periods. Speak with a Valley specialist today about how we can support you with in-person or telehealth treatment.

How We Can Help

Our specialists at Valley are committed to helping you with your mental health goals and can help you with a range of issues in-person or via telehealth including:

– Anger Management
– Anxiety
– Autism Services (Coming Soon)
– Case Management

– Depression
– Medication Management
– Self-harm and Suicidal Ideation
– Children Specialty Services including:
Children Assessments (CANS) and Targeted Care Coordination

and more to support you and your loved ones

Call 208.501.0507, text 208.502.4759, or fill out our contact form and get in touch with us today!

How To Get Started

  1. If you are a plan member of OPTUM Medicaid, you can call Valley’s number at 208.501.0507 to discuss services.
  2. If our services are the best fit for you, we will ask a quick set of questions regarding your Medicaid insurance information, contact information, and your general doctor’s information.
  3. Next, we will get you set up for your first appointment with a therapist.
  4. After setting up your first appointment you will receive your new client application to complete.

We welcome any questions and are here to help you!

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