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What is the Care Navigation

Care Navigation is a centralized team of knowledgeable care coordinators dedicated to getting clients into the right program at the appropriate level of care in a timely manner for Valley and Highland Springs. The Care Navigation Team provides outreach and coordination of care for high-needs clients, including those who are returning for services after hospitalization or incarceration. Care Navigation team is your one point of contact to facilitate entry or transfer to any Valley Behavioral Health location, including residential, housing, and outpatient mental health and substance use treatment programs.

The Purpose of the Care Navigation Team

1. Improve the client’s access to care
2. Better community partner’s brand experience
3. Enhance the client’s care experience

The Care Navigation Team

The Care Navigation team consist of Partner Liaisons and Advance Case Managers (ACM)

The Partner Liaisons builds and cares for stakeholder relationships by

1. Increasing communication directly with referral sources
2. Closing the communication loops with stakeholders on client placement
3. Coordinating hospital discharges to improve client’s access to care

The ACM enhances clients care experience by

1. Managing the CHIE alert for ER visits and notifying the treatment team
2. Tracking ER/Hospital re-admits and assisting the Partner Liaison on discharges
3. Assisting treatment team with high acuity clients
4. Coordinating client support for a civil commitment hearing

How to contact the Care Navigation Team

Email [email protected]
Call 801.273.6430
Fax 385.388.8674

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