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April 17, 2017 By Gary Larcenaire, CEO Valley Behavioral Health

I’ve been privileged to lead teams from dark, hopeless places to lofty levels of performance.

Winning over teams who are experiencing dire, or even moderate financial, regulatory, customer satisfaction and/or clinical challenges is not easy. Many times a feeling of learned helplessness has crept in and their challenges may seem insurmountable.

In my experience, the causes of performance struggle range widely but most can be attributed to two things:

  1. lack of a collaboratively developed vision
  2. communication “dead zones”

A communication “dead zone” is exactly what it sounds like: A team, department, division, or an individual employee who isn’t sending or receiving messages accurately, timely, or at all. And this results in the death of team enthusiasm; and ultimately the divergence between brand expectations and experience.

Your teams will eventually discover the same root cause of performance struggles: “communication dead zones”

Communication dead zones create fertile environments for rumor and incongruent tribal development. Frankly, these zones can create “zombie” employees and teams barely recognizable to teams with normal functioning communication processes.

I have developed some creative ways of exploring and detecting “communication dead zones”. We will discuss these in our training sessions this year!

Happy Halloween!

Gary Larcenaire,
CEO Valley Behavioral Health

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